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Tour around Kotor, Budva and Perast

This tour will enable You to see three most beautiful and most picturesque Montenegrin towns, preserved in almost perfect original conditions. We are going for a drive along the coast and You will see amazing landscapes, beautiful nature and a lot of cultural and historical monuments which are extremely important for our history and tradition.

We start the tour with a walk through the Old Town of Kotor. Passing through its narrow streets and squares You will see magnificent palaces that belonged to rich noble families in the period between 15th and 19th century. We are also going to enter the St. Tryphon Cathedral which dates from 1166., which means it was built 326 years before the discovery of America, 179 years before the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, or 460 before Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican. We are also going to visit the Maritime Museum in the Old Town where You will hear about our maritime tradition, over 1000 years long. After this tour around Kotor, we get into a comfortable vehicle and head toward Budva Riviera. We are going to have a short break on a hill above the Jaz beach, where famous singers like Madona, Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz and others held their concerts. Then we continue to Sv. Stefan, a unique city hotel in the world, a resort of rich and famous people. We will climb the place above Sveti Stefan and take panoramic photos from there. After this, we are going to visit the Old Town in Budva which is 3500 years old. We are going to walk through its streets and see its cultural and historical monuments as well. Here we take a  20- 30 minutes coffee break. After the break we go back to Kotor and stop on the hill above the Old Town to take panoramic photos of the Kotor Bay. Next, we are going down to the town of Kotor, pass trough and along the coast we will reach the most picturesque and most beautiful town on the East Adriatic coast – the baroque Perast. First, we will take a boat to visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rock, built on the artificial island, created by depositing stones around a small reef, in the 15th century.The chrch has also a museum which we will visit. After that, the boat is going to take us back to Perast where we are going to visit the museum which depicts the rich and successful history of the town.Then we will so walk along the coast of Perast on which You will see its churches and magnificent palaces of rich noble families of Perast. Finally, we are coming back to Kotor, to the starting point and finish the tour.

Notes: To enter the churches and the Cathedral You only have to cover your shoulders and knees. From the end of May to the end of September average temperatures of around 37°C and the temperature of the sea around 25°C, will enable You to enjoy swimming in the sea,which will not coast You nothing extra. That's why we advise You to take bathing towels, swimsuits and sun protection creams

The price includes:

  • Professional licensed tour guide service
  • Entrance fees for the Cathedral and the museums
  • Tourist taxes
  • Free WiFi
  • And a 15% discount in souvenir shops in Kotor and Budva


00:00-01:30 - walk around the Old Town of Kotor

01:30-01:50 - drive

01:50-02:00 - a break for taking scenic photos above the Jaz beach

02:00-02:05 - drive

02:05-02:15 - a break for taking scenic photos above Budva

02:15-02:30 - drive

02:30-02:40 - a break for taking scenic photos above Sv.Stefan

02:40-03:00 - a drive to the old town of budva

03:00-04:30 - visit to the old town wit a coffee break

04:30-04:50 - a drive to Kotor

04:50-05:00 - taking photos from the spot above the Old Town of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor

05:00- 05:30  - a drive to the Perast

05:30 – 06:45 – tour of Perast ( Our Lady of the Rock, its museum and museum of Perast)

07:00  - arriving in Kotor, end of the tour

The duration of the tour is not fixed. We can prolong it any time, if you want, or because of traffic jams. It's very important to say that you won't pay additionally for any prolongation.

Price On Request

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